Noise from the Elite Real Muin B+ when training on zwift

(Lars Groenberg (Tacx NEO)) #1

I’ve just received my Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ trainer and downloaded the Zwift software. It seems like I pair it correct but when I start pedalling the trainer is making noise like when it is calibrating…

Anyone who have had the same problems?

Best regards


(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Lars-

I have two questions for you…

When you say it makes a noise like when it is calibrating, what noise do you mean (what does it sound like)?

Do the noises correspond during your ride to changes in the course gradient?

(Lars Groenberg (Tacx NEO)) #3

Hi Lindsay,

It starts after 20 seconds and comes and goes. well I stopped after 1 minut course it irritated me a lot. No the course gradient doesn’t seems to affect it…


(Mikko kko Vermasvuori) #4

Do you mean the beeping / buzzing sound? That comes from the trainer when it is changing the resistance. It doesn’t always follow the gradient. I found it slightly annoying in the beginning when testing the new trainer, but now I don’t even notice it when riding. 

I once had a weird clanking sound starting after about 40 min ride. It turned out to be a bit loose quick release. 

(Lars Groenberg (Tacx NEO)) #5

Hi guys,

I’ve solved the problem. I tightened a screw and now the problem is gone. Thank you everyone!

Best regards


(Mark D'Sylva) #6

Hi Lars,

I have the same trainer as you, plus a WAHOO KIKR.    The Elite REAL TURBO MUIN B+ is much quieter.   Which screw did you find loose?   I am just asking so I can check that screw on my ELITE trainer.    I just set up both trainers this week so my wife and I can train together inside.





(Lars Groenberg (Tacx NEO)) #7

Hi Mark,

Take a look at the instruction manual at picture 33, 34 and 35. That helped me.