Cracking while using Elite Suito

Put my MTB on my new Elite Suito. Changing gears doesn’t work perfectly (dunno why) but it works and there are enough gears without major issues. However there’s a short cracking sound almost every pedal turn (but not synchronized). Any ideas?

Unsure of what the cracking may be - is it under hard power or even coasting? Only thing I can think of is that the cassette that comes with your trainer needs tightening. They are ttypically torqued quite high so if you can sense any movement, I’d take it off, grease up the freehub and reinstall using correct torque (should be in trainer manual ~40Nm)

A reason why gears may not work perfectly is that you need to adjust the rear derailleur using the barrel adjuster up at the shifter end to correctly align everything. This is usually required when you change brand of cassette from say SRAM to Shimano, or change hub (in your case, trainer is different to your mtb rear wheel). Its a pain and I quickly bought an old CX beast to permanently sit on my trainer.


Any chance that you are running a well used chain and front ring in combination with a brand new cassette on the rear ?

Also… most MTB rear derailleurs are not compatible with a 11-28 compact cassette, which might be the reason for both the cracking and poor shifting.
If you have the correct tools it might be a good idea to try and mount the cassette from your MTB on the trainer for a test.


Hi, did you solve the problem with the cracking sound? Just bought a Suito and mounted my road bike to it and i have the same cracking sound, when pedalling and also during spin-down when the pedals are not moving.


Hi Mathias,

funny… Elite told me to make a video but the sound disappeared the next session. Maybe everything is ok now but I will have an eye on it. You can even contact Elite via FB chat. Very good service

I do have the same issue with my Tarmac coupled to the Suito. Changing gear dosen’t work smoothly

Hi, I have the same problem, have had a new cassette and chain fitted, derailers checked and fine I’m ok apart from the the last couple of gears. Any one had any luck with this?