New smart trainer rough


This is my first post, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I have just purchased an elite suito, when pedaling the gears on the cassette are really grinding. I am using the 11-28 11speed cassette that it came with. My current bike and derailleur is set up for 11-34 on an 11 speed cassette, could this be the reason why its running so rough?

It’s not too bad on the smaller chaining, but whenever I move into the big ring its awfully loud.

Hi @Conor_Maxwell, welcome to the forums, you probably need a new chain.

Hi thanks Mike

I was thinking that also, but whenever I put the back wheel on, the shifting on the bike is perfect. If it was the chain would it run rough on the bike also?

no, because the old cassette on your bike is worn out too, once you put a worn out chain on a new cassette you hear the grinding noise, kind of like the chain isn’t fitting correctly on the new cassette’s teeth.

Thanks very much Mike, I will give this a check.

Putting an old chain with a new cassette will show how worn out a chain is and will wear out the new cassette quicker.

Have you checked that the gears are lining up with the top jockey wheel? Sometimes you need to adjust the gears when swapping to a different cassette. Is there a spacer needed for 11 speed?

Hi Folks

Chain replaced and running much smoother, thanks for the advice.