Chain alignment

I’ve just taken delivery of my hub but I can’t seem to set it up correctly.

I have an 8 speed cassette but no matter how I adjust the rear derailleur, the chain sounds like it is grinding.

The gears change fine but it just sounds awful.

Any tips?

Does the grinding noise happen in all gears or just at one end of the cassette?

All of them but it’s better towards the centre of the cassette.

Is it the chain catching on the front deraileur?

I’ll check tomorrow but I’m confident it is the rear derailleur.

how old is your chain? you might need a new one if it is old and stretched out.

I only got the bike last September.

Is it possible that the noise is coming from the trainer and not the chain or gears? A video might help. Or you could take it all to a bike shop and ask for their opinion.

I’ll record it tomorrow.

I have found that on the 11 cassette that comes with the hub, the bigger most sprocketd rings index fine, but the smaller rings grate a lot especially at higher cadence and/or Power