Elite Suito power readings

Previous trainer was a Tacx vortex, and I also have a Stages power meter although that is actually with the supplier to fix a battery problem it’s been having.

I don’t have any detailed readings to compare for a json file or anything like that; but from the previous trainer and also riding on the road with the power meter, I can’t maintain anywhere near the same levels of power; I can sit on 250-260 watts for extended time on road, but doing that for 10 minutes on the Suito is a real effort.

Be aware that a wheel on trainer like the vortex can be inaccurate or measure too much wattages when it gets warmer. I’ve seen several people make the transition from wheel-on to direct drive and most of them have a significant drop in FTP. Mine dropped about 35 watts coming from a Tacx wheel-on. Disappointing as ■■■■, but the suito is max 8-10 watts off from my real power meter (which I got after the suito) meaning that the suito is actually closer to reality than the Tacx.

good point, thanks! i just thought i should stop pedaling when it turns green at 37. this time i pushed harder and it worked. but i still think calibration in elite app gives more accurate results though.
at around 17:00 i did zwift calibration, then at around 53:00 i did calibration in elite app.

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Unfortunataly, I have been quite busy during these strange times, but it looks like i will have some time on my hands the next weeks to start working on my JSON tool again.

For me personaly the Elite is working quite well in the sub 400 region any higher powerreadings are still way to low.

There are a few things I still have to figure out, but I still think the tool is doable.

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i’d agree with this - i have a tacx flow (another wheel on trainer) it is consistently 30 to 40 watts lower than my power meter pedals. i have two pairs that both match two other trainers so either all 4 are wrong or the flow is, or all 5 i suppose but if 4 agree i’ll go with that!

they are also much more sensitive to changes in temperature and also have to maintain tyre pressures

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Wow, I went with all the good reviews and the good price I could get when I bought the Suito a month ago. 550€ with cassette seemed incredible value for such a well-received trainer…

Latest Firmware installed (191), hardware revision 004 (also last one if I’m correct?)

I first had issues with sufferfest and the Suito - using it with a BT connection to an ipad proved to be completely unreliable. Then I started to question the watt readings it gave me. Either I was not in good shape, or the values were wrong.

Tested today with a power2max crank pm connected to my garmin. And the Suito connected to Zwift on my laptop. Then compared both with the DC rainmaker tool.

At 100W, they are identical, at 200W about 3% of difference (which should be the case with drivetrain losses in mind). The higher values are a mess…

10% too low @450W

20% too low @750W (edit: difference is 26% in the last interval …)

As I read from earlier posts, Elite asks to test the trainer at 100-350W, but apparently the really high values are the problem. They can hardly ask anyone to do a 1min test @900W of course…
Anyway, from what I read here I have little faith in a decent solution. I was hoping to be able to combine indoor and outdoor training (with PM), but the large gap between the suito and the power2max make it hardly useable for that purpose. And for racing on zwift…

I hope the shop will take it back… If not, I really hope Elite comes out with a decent solution…

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It starts to be well known now that Elite has troubles with its own calibration procedure.
Have you tried zwift calibration instead?
I hope Elite will react and produce a better procedure.
You should email them with the result and tell them about this topic.

Hi Lionel,
I did calibrate in Zwift. I have emailed the shop, Elite and have posted this on the DC rainmaker Elite Suito review page… That’s all I can do for now I guess…
I hope this will get solved asap! From what I see, it’s basically the power curve that is wrong, it can’t be that hard to fix this, no?

From what I read earlier in this thread the Power Meter Link is hardly useable… I’ll give it a try myself to see how it works.
An ideal Power Meter Link to me would be a calibration procedure in which the Suito’s power offset and curve are recalibrated to get as close to your powermeter as possible. That would be exactly what I need in fact. It would allow me to train on the Suito with my gravelbike after I calibrated it with my racebike with PM. But from what I read here, it does not work well… Afterwards you could recalibrate the offset with a spindown. Or recalibrate completely with the PM calibration. But apparently it doesn’t work that way…
Anyone here with more experience with the power meter link? Do you just have to enable it in the Elite software and will it keep working in zwift or sufferfest then? What about the delay?

Yesterday I tried to work around the problem by using the powermeter as the power source in zwift - connected to my viiiiva HRM. But the viiiiva doesn’t send any data back to the trainer, so resistance doesn’t change during climbing. Which is a bit weird, you really have to look at the grade numbers to see what’s going on… So not an ideal solution as well.

you can connect ‘controllable part’ of the trainer separately (at least it works over BT on win 10):
start up zwift, connect your trainer as power source, controllable will connect automatically. then disconnect power source only and select another power source, controllable should remain connected.

I have a zumo - the power reading from the trainer are way off (about 30 watts) I use power meter link and it works pretty well for me, even doing workouts in erg mode.

I assume the technology is the same across trainers so give it a go.

it seems to do some kind of smoothing (like using 3 second average or something) and can take a second to first notice you are pedalling but once you are going it seem to be ok. there is a slight lag but not too bad.

Thanks Roman! I’ve bought a Viiiiva HRM as both a HRM and an ant+ to BT bridge, but it does not give feedback to the trainer. So I’ll need an ant+ dongle to try that I guess.
If I can connect the PM to the trainer in power link mode and connect the trainer to zwift over BT, I guess I can achieve the same, but then I’ll loose the data from my HRM - which is mandatory for racing.
So I might need to buy an ant+ dongle on top of the expensive HRM… Or wait for a better calibration or firmware for the suito, which would make things much easier!

Thanks Chris, that’s the next thing I will try! The weather is too nice the next couple of days to ride indoors, but I’ll try and do a quick test asap.
There is little information to find on this feature… Once the PML is enabled in the elite software it keeps working everytime you use the powermeter on the trainer? Does Zwift show the Elite trainer as power source? Or your PM? In other words, is there a way to know it is connected or not in zwift?

once you enable it make sure only one power meter is nearby and on and it will link to it, then each time you turn the trainer on if it finds that power meter it will link - you only have to turn the feature on once and it’ll always link as long as the power meter is found.

the trainer then effectively works as a bridge for your power meter and just transmits the power from your power meter so zwift will display the power from your power meter (albeit via your trainer).

so steps are.

enable powermeter link in the elite app
it’ll say once it is complete and ask you to restart your trainer.
then when you do it’ll pair to the first power meter it finds (make sure only the one you want to link is nearby)
then you are good to go.
when you launch zwift you can pair the trainer as controllable, power and cadence and it should all work fine.

from my perspective you should be able to connect both to zwift. what platform you are using? i was not able to do that on apple tv though.
the controllable part of the trainer is connected separately and does not require power meter. in your case there will be two BT connections to zwift: one BT connection - your bridge which will provide HR and power, the second - suito as controllable only. cadence source should also be from power meter, if the bridge does report it. ant+ dongle not required at all.

this. feels like riding a train. maybe for training its ok, but for general riding not much fun.

I have a windows laptop and ipad. AFAIK you can only have a single BT device connected, no?

In the meantime I received an email from Elite. They also ask me to send them 2 files with my PM data and Suito data, at various wattages… That’s the first thing I’ll do. Let’s hope they can send me a JSON file that makes the trainer a lot more accurate!

IIRC the only one device with limitations for now is apple tv with its 3 BT connections limit and one of them is reserved for remote leaving only 2 connections for user applications. on other devices you can run as many connections as you need.

I just got the Suito and my power reading are way lower compared to my assioma. I know my assioma is precise because I also test it many times with the power2max I have on another bike.

I did calibration but it didn’t help. Are there any solutions? I see that on the Elite Forum the administrators are not really active.

Any help would be appreciated

Elite asked me to send in the files from my trainer and PM with an ERG workout @100W to 350W and 3 accelerations in the last 10 minutes. Results there were quite accurate… this is their reply with the comparison:

So now all of a sudden in the Elite app, there are no issues… So is there a problem with the Suito in Zwift? Or is it just precise one day and far off the next?


You can use https://www.zwiftpower.com/analysis.php to compare your zwift rides.