Elite Suito freehub doesnt engage after coasting


I have this hometrainer and have been using it for 3 months so far.
No issues, all good,
But the wife told me that she experienced issues after a very short coasting.
I tried to replicate it and it was there right away.

When im not pedalling for a few seconds, then the rear hub doesnt engage when trying to pedal again. it feel like the freehub pawls are not engaging. Most of the time it will re engage after slowing further down, but not very ideal.

Any clues ?

My first step would probably to check if the freehub pawls move freely, but inputs on what else to look at would be nice.

Added note. The hometrainer is standing in a fully closed garage, but at temperatures from -5°C and up. right now around 0°C

When pawls don’t engage, that usually means they are sticking in the retracted position. Old grease or weak springs can cause that. Too much grease or too-thick grease can also be a problem. If this is not a new trainer I would pull the freehub off, degrease the pawls, relubricate it with a little light weight grease. If that doesn’t help sometimes the springs are worn out and can be bent slightly to help them work again. It’s also possible to get poor engagement if the freehub is not fully seated.

If it’s within warranty I would contact Elite and ask for support. Maybe they’d send you a freehub.


Might be late here, but I did exactly what Paul suggested with my out of warranty Suito a few weeks ago. It didn’t make a difference right away, but got better after the first longer ride.

There is a LOT of grease in that hub. And after a full summer of not using it, that stuff was really sticky. After removing that all and gently re-greasing, the hub is a little louder now when freewheeling, but I can live with that better than kicking into the void and pulling a hamstring. If it is still in warranty, I’d have Elite sort it out, though. Or get their approval to re-grease.

One more thing to add: In my case I did not use the special freehub removal “tool” by Elite, a 17mm spanner worked just fine. But that is again something I’d encourage you to decide individually based on warranty status, technical skill, tool availability and gut feeling. :wink: