elite realtour trainer

how can I pair a elite real tour trainer via usb 

Hi Jennifer, unfortunately Elite has not made the USB protocol known yet so we’re unable to support the wired versions of Elite trainers at the moment. 

We contacted Elite they said to contact you again and that no one from swift has ask for the USB protocol from them. 


Thank you 

Eric and Jen 

i’d vote for wired usb support too.  there HAS to be a way!  i know at least 4 other people who have wired ones just in my area that would be all over this.

I’ll ask Elite again if they’re willing to share the protocol with us and see what they say.  


Elite has emailed me stating they would share the USB info with Zwift any news with this becoming a reality? 

Yes, I think the users have spoken and Elite have now sent me the documentation.

What I don’t have is a wired Elite trainer now, and they’re hard to find as it seems they might be getting phased out?   We’ll source one and put it on the list of things to do.

can you do it remotely ? via the net ? 

Are trainer is set up on our lap top? 

jon, if you’re interested, i could ship you mine if you want to pay for the shipping both ways.

Those are nice offers but we found a trainer and it’s on the way to Zwift HQ.  I can’t say when it’ll be as we’ve got some big changes in the works, but once the hardware is sitting next to my desk I generally like to get it out of the way as soon as I reasonably can.

awesome! well, if you need some folks to test it out for you, you know who to ask.  heh!

Thanks to everyone for pushing this forward, I’ve got the USB version (as do several of my friends) and love it - however it’s too expensive to upgrade?? Z power will do until you get the update.

any updates on the USB possibilities  

Looking forward to hearing an update on this and happy to see such interest in the customers product enhancement requests!

any update to share on this possibility? 

I’m also hoping for a successful conclusion to this issue.  I have an elite realtour usb, which I can’t use with zwift.  I’m desperate to use zwift so hope you clever people  can get it working.  There a few people in my bike club with the same problem!  Good luck.

BETA support for USB Elite RealTour, RealPower, and RealAxiom will be in the next game update (soon!) but it will unfortunately be for Windows computers only at the moment.  

I’ve also managed to make the buttons on the hand control that comes with these trainers to allow you to turn at intersections within Zwift, as well as control workout mode a bit.


I am interested in the content of this thread as I have an Elite RealTour trainer. I hardly used it as I prefer to be out on the road however, Zwift has inspired me to dust it off and get involved in the Zwift community.

Can you advise if I can pair the Elite RealTour with Zwift?  if so I assume it is as a ‘classic trainer’.

The other issue I have is that I only have a Macbook laptop to operate with. (I understand that the Elite RealTour only had software for Windows operating system - another reason why I previously never used it to its full potential).

If you are able to assist I would appreciate any advice. 

Many Thanks


The Elite RealTour I have is blue in colour, wired with USB leads, and had a blue control panel to adjust there resistance.