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Craig, our support for the wired RealTour trainers will be Windows only at first.  The Mac code has a few remaining issues and I have no timeline on when they’ll be fixed unfortunately.  In Zwift the realtour has variable resistance that roughly correspond to the course changes you see on screen.


Thanks for your response.

I have not yet used Zwift so forgive my lack of operating knowledge.  

Can I still use the Elite realtour with Zwift?  Do i just link it as a classic trainer?



If you have any standard ANT+ speed sensor on your bike and an ANT+ usb dongle for your mac, then you could choose “unsupported trainer” in Zwift and be able to ride.   It would not be optimal but you’d be able to at least try things out.   No data would be able to be picked up over the wired connection from the trainer yet, until we add mac support for RealTour.

Jon, thanks for your work on the Elite Real Tour, its much appreciated!

BETA support for the wired Elite trainers is live now for Windows users only. Just run Zwift and the latest version will automatically come down.   OSX support will hopefully come soon.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  The feedback from the early users of this feature will help us iron out any remaining issues.

PS, the wired Elite hand control will let you turn left/right at intersections in Watopia, as well as let you skip workout blocks and increase/decrease resistance within workouts.

Hi Jon, any update on the OSX support? Thanks


I’ve ridden the Elite three times now and it seems substantially more difficult than the real world; I’ve ridden with power on the road and the Z power seemed about 6-7% higher than my numbers on the road. However the Elite was about 40% less?? For my personal training it’s relative but on the island I feel like a little kid?? The Elite paired immediately and ran smoothly the entire time.




Is there any support for OSX (Elite Realtour wired) yet? Are you working on it, Zwift?

We’ve ridden about 30 miles today on OSX with our elite wired trainers.  It’s coming! I just got it working yesterday.

Re: power on these trainers, we found in our database that of all the trainers people use, the Elite smart trainers were typically 70-90 watts higher than everybody else.   At Zwift HQ we also found that our units read high quite often and so we’ve calibrated the number down just a bit to be more in-line with reality.  While each trainer can be somewhat unique, overall the average should be more inline with what trainers with real strain gauges would read.



sorry to jump on-board this, i am using the Elite Qubo wireless (not b+)  it is not yet supported by the software as it runs a private ANT+.  if your lucky enough to have a later model Elite are releasing a firmware update that will change this and make it usable with the software.

however the version i an using can not updated, but Elite have said that if you great people at Zwift asked they would give you the code.  is there any chance this will happen?


thanks in advance



Hi all,

is there any special hack to be done in the OS X world? I have got my wired Real Tour running under Windows 10, however not yet on Mac side. I have recognized in Windows it is a kind of serial interface over USB, where I remember I had to go to system control for a driver update etc.

Anything similar in OS X?

Thanks in advance,


Anything new on the support for OSX (Elite Real Tour Wired)?

Hello, any updates on the OSX support for the wired Elite RealTour?


We have recently added support for wired Elite trainers on Mac.  You’ll need a driver installed on your mac for it to work, and you can find the link here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/207958796–Setting-up-a-wired-Elite-trainer-on-Mac

Hi Jon, 

I am just wondering if you guys can do a check and update of these drivers for the elite realtour wired. It seems to be really unstable and I’ve just spent the last two hours trying to get Zwift to recognize my trainer (which it still ins’t but I’m still trying). 

I have checked and replaced all cables, installed the driver multiple times and have restarted my computer about 20times. I’m not sure what is causing the issue, but if there was anyway to bug check or trouble shoot it, it would be so greatly appreciated, because without it, there’s not really any point in me having a zwift membership. 

Thanks and kindness, 


Hi there, 

sorry to jump in here, but I am very new to this, zwift and Mac. I have installed the driver, as per the link in the post. However my MacBook does not recognize my Elite RealTour (wired) and Zwift does not seem to find it when searching for it. Could I please ask somebody with experience in the field to please post an how to connect the elite RealTour Wired to the Mac step by step guide?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks



No problems Klaus. 

I had this problem too. I think the driver is just super sketchy and not very reliable. However, I did find one thing that may help. 

What version of OSX are you running? There is a later version FTDI driver that is for 10.9 and above. After installing this I found it sthbilized a lot, although occasionally need reinstalling just to get it working. Try this…

  1. Download this driver > http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP/MacOSX/FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_3.dmg
  2. Install the driver
  3. Shutdown your computer
  4. Plug in your Elite Realtour (wired)
  5. Stat up your mac
  6. Open Zwift and you should be good to go. 

Due to whatever reasons, this is not 100%, however, following this process seems to deliver the most consistent successful results. If it stops working I generally try a restart with the trainer plugged in, but if this doesn’t work, then i generally go through steps 2 - 6 again until it starts working. 

NB:  With the last update of ZWIFT this all totally stopped working for me. So I’d be interested to know if you get it to work. I currently have a tech support ticket in so I will let you know if anything changes. 


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Have you had any updates Bo?


My Zwift crashes when I try this method when I go to select the trainer

Hi Zwift, appreciate the effort to get these trainers working.  Mine is operating pretty well as a controllable smart trainer (not erg mode of course) however I wanted to ask a question about the power.  When I use a friends Bkool, my numbers in the normal power ranges are fairly similar (80-300). However in Ride mode when I sprint, on my elite realtour I struggle to get much over 400 and spin out, on the other trainer I can get 500-600 without running out of gears. 

I have since found the only way to get close to those on the Elite is in Workout mode and using the buttons to ramp up the resistance to Max.

Anyway, these higher end numbers could be closer aligned or just a ‘feature’ of this setup?

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