Elite realtour

(Patrik Samuelsson) #1

Hi i´m new to this and have a elite realtour trainer.

When i look at the guide for setting it up it says that i need a Ant+ stick.

That would not be a problem if it was´t for that the trainer is not wireless.

I used to plug it in to a PC with a USB cable.

I tried to plug it in with the usb cable but it did not work.

If any body does know how it´s supposed to be done, please give me a hint.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Unfortunately we only support the current wireless version of the Realtour trainer.  We don’t have any information from Elite about wired trainers at the moment, but if there was enough of a demand we may look into them at some point.

(Jan Novak) #3

There also seems to be a number of Elite Realtour ANT trainers - I’m not really sure if they differ only in design or if there something more. Is it reasonably safe to assume that all wireless Elite Realtour trainers (like the one attached) are supported by Zwift?

(Damon Bryan) #4

The one in the picture is the wired model. Realtour  B+ is the wireless one. How much of a demand would be need before you made it possible to use the the wired version.

(Jan Novak) #5

Thanks, but I don’t think this one is the wired model - are you sure with that? 

Not sure if it’s appropriate to share any links here (my apologies if it’s not), but e.g. http://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/elite-real-tour-wireless-ant-107653 says it’s wireless trainer. The same can be found in other shops.

(Brandon Savini) #6

Killing me :slight_smile: Sold my stationary bike, purchased new computer with all the required specs, nice new screen, download zwift that says it supports Elite real tour trainer…now I read only the b+ version. Nothing I can do?

(Brandon Savini) #7

Also, you list RealTour and RealTour b+ as compatible. If I would have known it was only the b+ I would not have ventured into this whole thing.

(Damon Bryan) #8

It looks like they got the wired model up and running now. Will be trying it out later.

(Marion Alyson Prokop) #9

How do you hook up the wired model? Newbie here, be nice …