Elite realtour wired USB smart trainer

Hello and I was hoping that someone could help me out here.

I’m wanting to know if zwift changes the resistance in game on the realtour usb trainers. I know they are old and all that but they do power and will do some interactive experience on zwift for my gf to get started with.

I know zwift supports them, just need to know if zwift changes the resistance settings on them and reads power from the unit.

I’ve done the usually googling and reading articles but didn’t get a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kai_Hirst_HERD

From the list of supported trainers it look like it is supported.

I have used the realaxiom wired and Zwift did read power and changed resistance.

I also know some of the older relaxiom trainers was not supported.

Thanks. I saw that it’s supported but it’s really in what capacity it is as I see some trainers have special conditions and never seen a wired usb trainer before.

So in a nutshell, it’s supported will change resistance and will read power Into zwift?


Hi @Kai_Hirst_HERD

I can’t speak for that specific trainer sorry. I would take a wild guess that it is the same as the realaxiom and zwift will read power and change resistance.

One thing to note is that it won’t have ERG in workout modes. ERG is newer than the usb trainers.

That’s brilliant thank you.

Really not bothered about erg mode at all as she like me changes gear on the bike for intervals and changes cadence depending on what interval I setup.

Would you say £150 is a good deal for one of these then?

There is nothing comparable to that in that price range and trainers are hard to find. My ELITE Realaxiom is more than 10 years old and still going strong. It is not as accurate as my new trainer but I had a lot of fun for 3 years on Zwift.

If you can test before buying then you should be good.

See this post.