elite realtour trainer

Those are nice offers but we found a trainer and it’s on the way to Zwift HQ.  I can’t say when it’ll be as we’ve got some big changes in the works, but once the hardware is sitting next to my desk I generally like to get it out of the way as soon as I reasonably can.

awesome! well, if you need some folks to test it out for you, you know who to ask.  heh!

Thanks to everyone for pushing this forward, I’ve got the USB version (as do several of my friends) and love it - however it’s too expensive to upgrade?? Z power will do until you get the update.

any updates on the USB possibilities  

Looking forward to hearing an update on this and happy to see such interest in the customers product enhancement requests!

any update to share on this possibility? 

I’m also hoping for a successful conclusion to this issue.  I have an elite realtour usb, which I can’t use with zwift.  I’m desperate to use zwift so hope you clever people  can get it working.  There a few people in my bike club with the same problem!  Good luck.

BETA support for USB Elite RealTour, RealPower, and RealAxiom will be in the next game update (soon!) but it will unfortunately be for Windows computers only at the moment.  

I’ve also managed to make the buttons on the hand control that comes with these trainers to allow you to turn at intersections within Zwift, as well as control workout mode a bit.


I am interested in the content of this thread as I have an Elite RealTour trainer. I hardly used it as I prefer to be out on the road however, Zwift has inspired me to dust it off and get involved in the Zwift community.

Can you advise if I can pair the Elite RealTour with Zwift?  if so I assume it is as a ‘classic trainer’.

The other issue I have is that I only have a Macbook laptop to operate with. (I understand that the Elite RealTour only had software for Windows operating system - another reason why I previously never used it to its full potential).

If you are able to assist I would appreciate any advice. 

Many Thanks


The Elite RealTour I have is blue in colour, wired with USB leads, and had a blue control panel to adjust there resistance.

Craig, our support for the wired RealTour trainers will be Windows only at first.  The Mac code has a few remaining issues and I have no timeline on when they’ll be fixed unfortunately.  In Zwift the realtour has variable resistance that roughly correspond to the course changes you see on screen.


Thanks for your response.

I have not yet used Zwift so forgive my lack of operating knowledge.  

Can I still use the Elite realtour with Zwift?  Do i just link it as a classic trainer?



If you have any standard ANT+ speed sensor on your bike and an ANT+ usb dongle for your mac, then you could choose “unsupported trainer” in Zwift and be able to ride.   It would not be optimal but you’d be able to at least try things out.   No data would be able to be picked up over the wired connection from the trainer yet, until we add mac support for RealTour.

Jon, thanks for your work on the Elite Real Tour, its much appreciated!

BETA support for the wired Elite trainers is live now for Windows users only. Just run Zwift and the latest version will automatically come down.   OSX support will hopefully come soon.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  The feedback from the early users of this feature will help us iron out any remaining issues.

PS, the wired Elite hand control will let you turn left/right at intersections in Watopia, as well as let you skip workout blocks and increase/decrease resistance within workouts.

Hi Jon, any update on the OSX support? Thanks


I’ve ridden the Elite three times now and it seems substantially more difficult than the real world; I’ve ridden with power on the road and the Z power seemed about 6-7% higher than my numbers on the road. However the Elite was about 40% less?? For my personal training it’s relative but on the island I feel like a little kid?? The Elite paired immediately and ran smoothly the entire time.




Is there any support for OSX (Elite Realtour wired) yet? Are you working on it, Zwift?

We’ve ridden about 30 miles today on OSX with our elite wired trainers.  It’s coming! I just got it working yesterday.

Re: power on these trainers, we found in our database that of all the trainers people use, the Elite smart trainers were typically 70-90 watts higher than everybody else.   At Zwift HQ we also found that our units read high quite often and so we’ve calibrated the number down just a bit to be more in-line with reality.  While each trainer can be somewhat unique, overall the average should be more inline with what trainers with real strain gauges would read.



sorry to jump on-board this, i am using the Elite Qubo wireless (not b+)  it is not yet supported by the software as it runs a private ANT+.  if your lucky enough to have a later model Elite are releasing a firmware update that will change this and make it usable with the software.

however the version i an using can not updated, but Elite have said that if you great people at Zwift asked they would give you the code.  is there any chance this will happen?


thanks in advance



Hi all,

is there any special hack to be done in the OS X world? I have got my wired Real Tour running under Windows 10, however not yet on Mac side. I have recognized in Windows it is a kind of serial interface over USB, where I remember I had to go to system control for a driver update etc.

Anything similar in OS X?

Thanks in advance,