Elite realtour 2014 problem with cadence meter

(Marian Sidlar) #1

Good day ,

I have Elite realtour 2014 which have cadence meter built - in . I cannot pair built - in cadence meter with Zwift .

I wanna ask for help or some fix to deal with that problem .

Thank you all !

(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Marian,

First, please make sure you spin the resistance unit to make sure that it’s “awake”. And since I don’t know much more about how you’re trying to connect your trainer, I suggest that you review these instructions for setting up Elite Real trainers

Hope that helps!

(Marian Sidlar) #3

Hello Nick

You kinda don’t understand me . I have conected Elite real tour to Zwift without problem , but that trainer have built - in cadence sensor as well and I cannot pair it with Zwift. The program see speed / wats , but it dont see the cadence . So I need to know how to pair built - in real tour cadence sensor .

I can send some pictures what I mean and what is my problem if it helps.