Elite RealAxiom CT compatibility

(Vagelis Papadakis) #1

Hi. I try to connect zwift with my Real Axiom CT. It does not recognize it as POWER SOURCE or CONTROLLABLE TRAINER! Is my device compatible with zwift? Do i need any extra driver? I use windows 10. Please help me

(Vagelis Papadakis) #2

I forgot to mention that Real Axiom CT is a USB device

(Paul Allen) #3

Do you have an Ant+ dongle or are you using the Zwift App to bridge BLE?

Edit: I don’t think it is supported.

Check this link: http://zwift.com/get-started

(Vagelis Papadakis) #4

I Have an ANT+ and i can take the following connections. 

But i would like to use and the simulations for the uphills or downhills

I have powermeter and speed sensors connected


Thank you for your response Paul

(T AZZ!!!) #5

Did you try to connect your trainer using the “search” button under the "controllable trainer"section (lower right as shown on your screen shot)?