Elite RealAxiom CT compatibility

Hi. I try to connect zwift with my Real Axiom CT. It does not recognize it as POWER SOURCE or CONTROLLABLE TRAINER! Is my device compatible with zwift? Do i need any extra driver? I use windows 10. Please help me

I forgot to mention that Real Axiom CT is a USB device

Do you have an Ant+ dongle or are you using the Zwift App to bridge BLE?

Edit: I don’t think it is supported.

Check this link: http://zwift.com/get-started

I Have an ANT+ and i can take the following connections. 

But i would like to use and the simulations for the uphills or downhills

I have powermeter and speed sensors connected


Thank you for your response Paul

Did you try to connect your trainer using the “search” button under the "controllable trainer"section (lower right as shown on your screen shot)?