high watt realaxiom b+


Elites calbration Works in Elites software, thats ok, but not in zwift , Elites realaxiom b+ iis its kompatibel with Zwift???  Realaxiom b+ trainers?? i am super happy for the trainer, but i cant not join races in ZWIFT my watts is to high , over 5wkg .

vh lars dolmer

s/n:02288 realaxiom b+


Hi Lars,

Thanks for contacting us. What are you pairing your RealAxiom as? As a controllable trainer and power source? And are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth?

I am using ANT+ on the trainer, speed and cadance ANT+ and HR ANT+
Regards Lars

Ja , as a controlable trainer and power source

Do you have a answer for my controlable trainer about High watt Realaxiom B+