Elite real tour ant trainer Zwift now to easy and unrealistic :(

Hi I’ve just switched to an Elite realtour ant plus turbo.And since the switch i’m riding on zwift like Chris Froome and climbing like Quintana.Unfortunately in real life this isn’t true.There simply isn’t enough resistance .I thought this maybe the trainer,but when i put on an Elite real training video on,I was basically riding near enough to road conditions,instead of gliding up hills like a feather!

It’s embarrassing because i’m getting complaints from other zwift members.

Anyone else suffered the same with Elite smart turbo trainers and zwift? anyhelp appreciated.

I’m having a similar problem with the same unit - in zwift, the power is too high (nearly 100w in some conditions) but the resistance is ok but in Real, the power is right (or near enough vs my power meter) but there isn’t any resistance.

Hi Gary  mine actually broke.But i did find a fix,check this out.It helped me to go from Chris Froome to myself very quickly!