elite real e-motion b+ rollers | FE-C Power Levels Are Low


I have zwift working with my new ‘elite real e-motion b+ rollers’; however, the power readings I’m getting from the trainer are low in zwift.

Is there a way to calibrate? (or is this an elite problem not a zwift problem?)

The Elite “real” software has a way of calibrating the power, but I don’t think these are picked up by zwift.

Any thoughts?

I confirmed with a friend’s powertap, when pedalling at an actual 300 watts (for example), zwift is picking up about 220 watts. (obviously discouraging)

Unfortunately no.

Zwift reads the raw ant+ power data, Elite’s calibration procedure only offsets the figures in the Elite software. This has been a long standing problem with Elite products, the Qubo digital b+ has been over reading by 20%+ for many months without any support from Elite.

Honestly I feel Zwift should implement a power offset option, there are so many different setups and potential issues with power it would help a lot of people with issues like this.

Thanks for the information Fraser. That’s what I suspected.

I think my only satisfactory solution to this will be picking up a Powertap.