Elite Real E-motion Roller Calibration Values for Zwift

(Jesus Serna) #1


With the factoy settings of calibration values, the Elite Real E-motion Roller let the user fly on the Zwift roads with w/kg values of a Super Hero when I select it as power source.

There was the same problem with the BSIM software and even the Elite Real Software, but this last lets the user put the values.

After a lot of tests, the most real calibration values for Elite Real E-motion Roller are: P1: 97, P2: 140, P3:150 instead of factory calibration values.

The BSIM developers included them and now that software is more real and doesn´t offer superhuman benefits as it happens now in Zwift.

Could you do the same and include those values in Zwift Software?




(Gerrie Delport) #2

Those values is trainer specific so what works for one may not work for another.

I agree It will be nice if we had the option to edit some configuration file with our calibration numbers. 

My trainer is the opposite it shows lower numbers than when tested with a  Powertap wheel but I am not racing that often and if I do it is still a lot of fun. At least it is consistent and I can measure my progress. 

(Radalf Eggi) #3

I vote for the possibility for an ingame/software calibration file for trainers!!!


I use the Elite Real Power ant version, which does not save calibration values to the trainer/hardware. The calibration needs to be done by the software.

With zwift I cant set the Basewattage of the trainer and I start at 220 watts at 80 rpm on flat ground in the lowest gear. I can not ride like that, especially when riding into the hills.


Please include som sort of software to include and to true older smart trainers, which do not store calibration values on the roll/hardware itself