Elite Rampa light resistance in the plains

Hi everyone, I apologize for English but I’m using a translator.
I wrote about zwift’s assistance but nobody gave me an answer to my problem for a week.

Hi I have an interactive Elite Rampa roller connected with Bluetooth to zwift on Android with Samsung s10 +. In the plain it has zero resistance and I go with 50x11 at 120 rpm without making too much effort.
Saturday I tried with the PC and an ant + USB dongle and everything works beautifully. So the problem is surely due to the zwift app which has problems with the bluetooth connection to the Elite Rampa roller.
I tried with a roller of a friend of mine (tacx vortex) connected to the app zwift Android with Bluetooth. He works properly. Do you know how I can solve it?
I don’t have a PC and to use zwift I only have one phone.
Do any of you have a Rampa roller connected via BLTE to the Android app?
thank you all for your help

Hi @samfdk_Moser
Welcome to the Zwift forums.

If you connection is good with the Windows PC via ANT+, but the Samsung via Bluetooth is inaccurate, it might be rooted in a Bluetooth issue. More on this later.

Possibility 2 might be a calibration issue. Try calibrating the trainer using the Samsung via Elite’s mobile app.

Thanks for emailing your logs to our Support Team (I’m on that team). The logs indicate there’s network connection errors to our server in the US. Assuming you are using WiFi to connect to the internet, this may hint that there’s interference at your home / room where you train,that has a poor effect on both the Wifi and the Bluetooth signals.

Did you use your friend’s Tacx trainer in the same room where you keep your Elite trainer? Or did you take your bike to the friend’s house to try it there? I’m asking to troubleshoot the question of local radio interference.