Elite Rampa iOS Bluetooth problems

(Douglas Young) #1

Connecting to Zwift via iOS the Rampa’s resistance just feels wrong. On the flats it isn’t offering enough resistance to the point where I spin out in my highest gear (50x11). Looking at my power meter I was spinning out at around 500-600w (at 130 cadence). I can push much higher power numbers than that.

Over Ant+ it works spot on. Any idea why over BT the resistance is just wrong? I don’t think its a calibration issue as like I said it works spot on over ant+.

I’ve read quite a few posts on this issue but nothing from an official source. Would be lovely to know if a fix is in the works? even being looked at? Rather frustrating as I can’t really do free rides properly and/or race.

(Christophe Willemijns (TK.BE)C) #2

 This topic is about the same problem: