Elite Qubo Power Fluid speed issues

Just trying to figure out if there is something wrong with my trainer or my legs or both.

On the road I can maintain a decent speed. My last 100km ride averaged 26km/h. On the turbo I have to really put a lot of power in to get it to that speed. It is not comfortable maintaining that speed on the turbo at all. Riding on the big ring is entirely out of the questions, can barely move it at that point. 34-23 feel closer to what 50-17/19 feels on a flat road. That means the speedo is giving pretty low speeds when just spinning at 95rpm on a trainer. That translates to pretty low speeds in the game too. Using standard Garmin speed and cadence sensor

Is there some way to adjust for this oddity. Or is there something wrong with my trainer and I should be able to spin like it was on the road at 50-17 or so. I only just downloaded zwift yesterday and seeing my guy move at snails pace is sad :( 

Welkome to Zwift,  


Lets start you off on the right track. This is very helpfull reading.


 What trainer do you have I see a Elite Qubo Fluid and Elite Qobo Power but not a Elite Qubo Power Fluid?

Now I assume you have a “non smart” trainer with a speed and cadence sensor.

 Your garmin head unit and Zwift will not show the same speed, Zwift calculate your speed according to the power you produce.


Looking at the speed/power curve you should be generating about 250W at 26km/h. Is that about what you see on a flat road. this is a very crude estimation.


I had a look at your account, and it looks like you’ve selected the correct trainer, so this may be related to other factors related to your setup. Make sure everything matches our zPower setup guidelines. Anything that’s different will affect your readings.

The other key factor to keep in mind is that you should be focused on your wattage for comparisons, not speed. Your speed in Zwift is going to be affected by your weight, the incline of the course, whether you’re drafting, etc., so comparisons to real-world efforts may not be accurate.

And like Gerrie mentioned, if you are going to compare speed readings, focus on your speed in Zwift, not the one on your Garmin, as it’s not going to be accurate.