Speed Accuracy

(Nathan FoleyWright) #1

Hi, i’m using a cyclops fluid 2 trainer with speed and cadence sensor. When riding on the flat with no drafting the speed reading seems 3mph higher than what i’m actually doing (reading from my Garmin) . When on the connecting the sensors screen the speed reads correctly. Have i missed a setting? thank you

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #2

That’s actually working as intended. The speed on your trainer doesn’t translate directly to speed in Zwift, otherwise you’d go the same speed at the same effort whether the road is flat, downhill or uphill. Instead, Zwift calculates your power based on the trainer speed and uses that to calculate your virtual speed based on drafting and slope (and presumably wind speed if they add weather).

(David Stokes BHVS) #3

I would add that those with a power meter will also notice that Zwift speed does not correspond to the actual speed of their rear wheel. I’m sure there is a calculation at the Zwift server that takes into account your actual power output, your stated weight, the incline, and wind resistance (as modulated by drafting and that TT helmet thingy on the upper left).

(geoff wilson) #4

Speed on trainer isn’t accurate - using Wahoo Kickr Snap with Wahoo Speed+ Cadence.  Light pedaling (like not even warm up) on bike shows up as 18-20mph…moderate pedaling is then 30mph.  Thinking to just go back to Wahoo app which seems to give me a much closer to reality picture of my ride…

(Paul Allen) #5


What kind of bike and what size wheel?

(geoff wilson) #6

700 X 23 - road bike.  Pretty standard stuff. Thanks in advance for any help!