Zwift speed unrealistically fast

I know the Zwift speed vs. real speed discrepancy is a common post and I know Zwift calculates speed using watts, height, weight, bike, drafting, wheels, road, and elevation, but something still seems off. I tried my best to do an apples to apples comparison between the speed recorded on Zwift vs. the speed recorded on my speed monitor and I’m still consistently 5-10mph faster in Zwift when riding alone at 0% grade with the same resistance setting and cadence. One of the main draws of Zwift for me is riding in groups and it makes it very difficult to find a group when my speed is exaggerated to 30+ mph on a flat. My setup is a classic wheel trainer (Travel Trac fluid trainer) w/ Wahoo SC speed and cadence. Any tips/tricks to get my Zwift speed more realistic?

Are your watts also higher than what you consider normal?

They will never be the same. Ignore the speed monitor.

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@Bob_Gorman_Splunk_65 yes watts are also very high. Again, the issue is more that I’m finding it hard to ride in groups than the speed itself. I’m blowing by everyone and I know I’m not that good :slight_smile:

The OP’s question, as I read it, is about the specific combination of the Travel Trac fluid trainer with Zwift yielding speeds in Zwift higher than other Zwifters’.

Thee is an article about how Zwift calculates speed but Watts are the main driver. If you are putting out high watts then you’re going to have higher speeds. I would guess that your setup in not quite right and your tire pressure against the trainer is not correct or your tire pressure is too low.

In general “dumb” trainers overestimate your power. The only way to know for sure is to get a power meter or upgrade to a decent smart trainer.

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As @Bob_Gorman_Splunk_65 said.

Make sure your tire pressure is correct usually 110psi and us a trainer tire. Also make sure the roller have enough resistance against the wheel so that it cant slip.


As Mike already wrote - the only tip I can give you - buy a powermeter, use it in- and outdoor, or use smart trainer indoor and test (my Neo shows the same Watt as P2M NG Eco).
I tested with P2M and the speed in Zwift is comparable with outdoor (riding mostly alone, so compared with speed using TT bike in Zwift = no draft).

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