New user - speed on Zwift

Hi, I am a new user after my friends gave rave reviews. On a basic trainer with speed and cadence sensor  -connected easily via ANT but my speed registers at 1-2 Km/hour unless I pedal at a ridiculous cadence and then I’ll get to 10km/hour. My garmin at the same time was measuring 14-15km/hr and at the fast rate 25+km/hr.

Hence on Zwift I was slow, lonely and riding alone :frowning:

Zwift converts you rear wheel speed and the power curve of your trainer into watts and in-game speed. The speed of your rear wheel will not match your in game speed. 

25kph is not ridiculously fast. Whatis your rear wheel size? 

Hi Jane, 


Welcome to Zwift! What type of trainer and sensors are you using? According to our database, it looks like you selected ‘unlisted rollers’, rather than a trainer. A wrong trainer type could definitely be affecting speed. 

rear wheel 700.

basic jet-black trainer ( Ie not smart trainer) I wasn’t given any option for that…they all appeared to be smart trainers on the options…unless the pictures were not representative.

PS garmin  speed and cadence sensors


this article will help you setup your traner, see the section "



Below are a list of supported trainers.


Hope this help

Hi Jane - Zwift does support the JetBlack Z1 Fluidpro classic trainer.  If that’s the model you have, you can scroll around the trainer list and select that and your stats should be very accurate.  If you have another model of JetBlack classic trainer, make sure to select the “Not Listed” trainer option - while it won’t give accurate readings, it will be much more accurate than the roller option you choose and you’ll be able to ride.