Rider not moving very fast

Hi guys. I just got Zwift and am riding a MTB I have got a speed/cadence sensor (Saris) connected via Bluetooth and am using the cycleops rollers. I can get my rider moving but he doesn’t move. Very fast at all. I think it took me about 20 min to do .5km

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Did you select the correct trainer in the pairing screen.

Make sure you did not mix up the Speed and cadence sensor?

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I selected the unspecified rollers. And just have a speed sensor and heart rate at the moment.

I’m also using my mountain bike 29er. What wheel size should it be on?

Something does not seem right.

Are your speed sensor close to the wheel?

When you are on the paring screen can you pedal and look what speed numbers you see.

700 would be the closest I believe.

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I have it mounted on my back wheel hub

And in the paring screen do you see a speed number.

@Gerrie_Delport Yes it does

And do you see 20km/h?

Did you enter the correct weight?

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My weight yes.

It says 6mph

Step 1
Can you get it up to 20km/h

That should at least get you 100w.

Step 2.
Pick TEMPUS FUGIT route in Watopia, it is nice and flat. See what speed you get at 100w.

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Battling to get to 20km and managed to get to about 60w

Something seem off, you should be able to get 20km/h in the paring screen very easy.

What RPM are you doing. What gearing does the MTB have.

If you disconnect the trainer roller from the wheel and pedal then do you get 20km/h in the paring screen.

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If I take my bike off with no weight and pedal it’s better. The minute I get on the bike it is super slow. I just see other riders fying past me.

Do you think that it’s because I have got the standard equipment in the game? Sorry I’m a newbie.

What do you meant by this?

So it seem like your setup is working.

My rider is moving now but it doesn’t move very fast. I can’t even get the watts over 60w and I’m over 15

Km over 15

your profile is private so I cant see your activities,

Can you post a screenshot of your activity?

I have deleted them because it didn’t seem right