Completely wrong speed

Newbie user. The speed is completely wrong, it says 3 kph, should be something like 10 kph (3x more).


I am using a 26" bike with a BTwin In’Ride 300 trainer and an Echowell DMTR-30 speed and cadence sensor ( ).


Does anyone know how to solve this?

How do you know the speed is wrong, do you compare it with a bike computer?


The speed in zwift is calculated based on the power curve of your trainer not your wheel speed.


Speed on Zwift for zPower (that’s what you are using) is estimated buy using your rear wheel speed and the power curve of the trainer you chose and that is converted to watts, with those watts, the weight you entered, ingame bike used, ingame drafting, and virtual elevation changes your ingame speed is determined. 

Your ingame speed and the rear wheel speed of your bike will hardly ever be the same.

Hi Gerrie Delport TeamZF, no bike computer, but 3 kph is about the speed of someone walking, while I am pedalling to the full extent of my capacity!

Hi Paul Allen, thanks for explaining that, so, if I may, Zwift calculates the power and then “reverse calculates” what my speed would be if the simulated conditions were real including my weight, the terrain inclination, etc… I guess that it makes some sense, but I would strongly recommend that, somewhere, you put a gauge showing the actual data being generated, just so users can make sure that their equipment and/or Zwift are not broken.

If you want to see your speed sensor data hook it up to something like a Garmin head unit. It makes no sense to display this data in Zwift.

I’d start by making sure your setup matches our zPower guidelines. If anything is off or different, it will affect the accuracy of the power curve.

Let us know if you’re still having problems after that.