Speed seems wrong

Hey folks, 

Wondering if anyone can provide any assistance. First, my setup: 

  • Quarq Power Meter
  • CompuTrainer (for ERG with Power Match)

My problem… speed seems WAY below normal and when I do group rides even thought I’m doing the same w/kg as everyone else I get dropped like a bad habit.  I think my virtual bike/settings are off which is causing my speed/distance to be off.  Example:  Flat terrain, 250w and 156lbs doing 18 mph - I know outside that’s faster.  If I use TR (which uses my Garmin Speed Sensor) my averages are like 19mph for a workout.  Average is usually like 13-14 on Zwift for the same IF (on a non hilly course).  

Are their any variables or settings that maybe I’m missing that is skewing the speed?  

Something seems wrong. If I do 250 watts on a flat I am doing about 23-24mph (I am the same weight as you), but I am using the Zwift TT bike so no draft assist for me.

The variables for speed are watts, in-game bike (yes, some are faster), in-game drafting (no drafting for the Zwift TT bike), weight entered, and virtual elevation changes. 

Here is a link that may help you in picking a bike: https://zwiftinsider.com/?s=fastest+bikes