Qubo trainer

hey team need some help with my qubo B+ smart trainer. im getting silly fcukin speeds when compared to my garmin 1000 on the bike…any help?? cheers folks

First read this: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?


thanks mate i read that article. informative and thanks. however my speeds dont seem to look anything like they should according to the example curve. I’'ll recheck my settings… again…try again…cheers mate…

I do get that the curve is not reality, but my wattage at say 100 easy going… is saying im doing 8-10kph, whiklst my garmin 1000 reads wheel as going at about 25kph ish… as i said ill recheck my setting cheers

You cannot compare the speed within Zwift to what the Garmin is displaying. The Garmin does not know anything about the variables within Zwift.

I am guessing when you saw the 8-10kph on Zwift you were going up a virtual incline and that is what caused your in-game speed to slow.

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Hi Paul thanks very much for spending the time to assist me with this issue.
I was thinking that the’ wheel on’ speed detected by the Garmin should equate to swift speed because I’m spinning at ‘X’ speed/rpm and it’ feels’ about right. So I’m disappointed when I don’t see any speed correlation. geek’s my distance covered is woeful too… obviously because my speed is very slow.

I’ll do another short ride this morning and see.

Cheers mate. Dave

Ride the flat routes if you want your speed to closely match what the Garmin is displaying.

But, I would suggest ignoring the Garmin as far as speed and distance goes.

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Cheers mate.
I guess, I may be caught up in thinking ZWIFT should be somewhat similar to reality…like Garmin on the Real road.

I need to alter my thinking perhaps.

Cheers, I’ll touch base later if I think I still need further assistance.

Cheers mate.

Quick question. Are you expecting the speed within Zwift to match exactly what the speed on your Garmin is displaying (what your speed sensor is reporting)? If that is the case please reread the link I posted at the beginning of the thread.

When you are going up an incline in real life your speed will decrease if you maintain the same power, that also happens within Zwift.

Some people have troubles understanding this concept.

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Hehehe, well yes I was kinda. But my Garmin also slows down over hills.
But I do get that ZWIFT goes slower up hills n speeds up down hills and in drafts etc