Elite qubo digital smart+ calibration

Hi everyone

Hopefully someone can help. I’ve been using zwift for 3 months now and I’m really enjoying it. I got a used elite qubo smart trainer from eBay and it works pretty well but it doesn’t have a simple calibration like other trainers. The only way to do it is to use an external power meter.

A friend of mine has a cyclocross bike with a crank mounted power meter. I’m thinking about using that to calibrate the elite but the tyre on his bike is very different. I use a 25mm gator skin on my old tricross with 100psi. The cyclocross bike has 40mm tyres at 50psi. The cyclocross bike has a through axle and my tricross has qr so I can’t just swap wheels.

If I use the cyclocross bike with the power meter to calibrate the trainer will the calibration still be valid when I put my old tricross on with the higher pressures? I’m concerned that the 40mm tyre will have less efficiency than the 25mm tyre so they wouldn’t be interchangeable.

Sorry if that sounds like a daft question but if anyone can tell me if I can just use the cyclocross bike with external power meter to calibrate that would be great.

Thank you