Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer resistance woes - hardest on the flat, easiest on the hills

Just wondering if anyone else suddenly experienced resistance issues recently with this trainer, I’m new to Zwift and I’ve only had my trainer since the beginning of lockdown in the UK in March 2020. Until this week it has been great.- I think Zwift are aware of the problem with the trainers but I couldn’t establish a date from their website when this was flagged and whether it was a more general issue.

I was competing with my team for the first time in the WTRL TTT Platinum finals last Thursday night (Mocha class - so we are not the fastest) when, with about 4k to go, it seemed as if I was pedalling through glue, blowing from every orifice with a HR too high for a man my age - all this for 1.5 watts/kg! My team mates split leaving me to struggle tothe line! . I am a more ‘senior’ cyclist and this is reflected power numbers – (FTP 168 watts, (2.7 watts/kg). At one point the power spiked up to 8 watts/kg but most of the time I was struggling to get 1.5 on the flat.

I have tested the trainer again
1 It makes a very strange groaning sound on switch on and during a Zwift session
2 On the flat it requires a big effort and yet I am only producing around 1.5 watts/kg.
3 On downhill sections, again it takes a big effort but records even lower power output. Going up a gradient, the power reading increases and the perceived effort seems to fall. For example, I flew up a 7% gradient at 6 watts/kg without any change in heart rate.
It’s almost as if the trainer is doing the reverse of what it should be in terms of feedback on the gradients.
Further testing revealed
On the iPad in ERG mode it seemed to be behaving normally
On both the iPad and a PC running Zwift when I went for a free ride the effort to produce quite modest watts was excessive.
Is it a case of waiting for Zwift to come up with a fix or is there another solution?

Thanks for your help and attention


Hi Jim

The trainer adjusts resistance by moving a magnet past the flywheel, and does that using a worm drive mechanism with a stepper motor. It’s prone to sticking (mine stuck within three weeks of ownership) and that can produce all sorts of strange effects. The trainer calculates power based on where it thinks the magnet is not where it actually is, and that leads to some strange effects (nothing to do with Zwift).

There is a whole thread here with some helpful info…

I fixed mine by taking the cover off, wiggling the worm drive with some long nosed pliers which freed the mechanism, then spraying it with dry PTFE lubricant (and keeping fingers crossed). Elite support are actually pretty good if you email them as well.

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Daniel, thanks for that. Emailed Elite! Couldn’t get to 40 kph to establish the P3 value for Elite calibration.

Ho hum