Elite Qubo Digital Smart B + lowcwattage

I have an issue where the wattage on zwift is really low and its like cycling through glue. Cadence is correct ,but speed is also lower than expected. The Elite turbo Qubo B+ is paired and has the latest firmware uploaded. I have no other devices in the room to interfere , can anyone help as its almost impossible to ride .

Morning. I’ve got this on an Elite Zumo direct drive also.
Been back and forth for weeks with elite to no avail.

Thanks for the rely David , not impressed with Elite customer service at all, completed tests on their e training app , sent videos of my turbo starting up and updated firmware… What I would have expected by now is an offer of a replacement but they seem very reluctant or just don’t Care. Good luck with yours . cheers. Rob

They sent me a new ‘real map’ (diagnostic) to load.
It had no real effect on my trainer but I passed it on to someone on the Elite Zumo thread and I think it worked for them.
I’d ask if that could be sent to you if you’ve not had it already.
The quality control must be pretty shocking as there are a lot of people in the same position.
I took mine back to the shop at the weekend and have ordered one from tacx (probably just in time for lockdown to be lifted!).

Hi David, thanks for the extra info , my patience has gone its going back to the shop tomorrow with a complaint letter to elite CEO to follow . 3 days since I sent my video of the motor starting up to their customer service predictably no reponse. One thing for sure won’t be buying Elite again , lesson learnt…

It’s a shame really as they’re the most competitive price wise. This is why I suppose.