Elite Qubo digital B+ ERG mode not working/ shutting down zwift


I am using my Elite Qubo Digital smart B+ for workouts on Zwift. But once in a while, and more frequently lately I’m not able to work out with ERG on. While selecting the workout there is no option to turn the ERG on or off. I think i found the solution, and that is to pair to another trainer (there are two options for one trainer…) but when I do that, most of the times Zwift shuts down…

Does anyone know the solution?

p.s. I use the powermeter on my bike for the power output (because the calibration of the Elite trainer is a pain in the … )

Are you pairing via Bluetooth or ANT+? If it’s ANT+ then you need to pair the FE-C device as Controllable to Zwift, otherwise you’ll get the symptoms that you describe.

Via ANT+. I figured that out, to connect to the fc. But then zwift shuts down most of the time…