Elite Nero interactive smart rollers & Zwift compatibility


I’m looking to get these smart rollers and want to check they work with Zwift. They aren’t listed on the Zwift supported trainers list so I emailed the Zwift support team to check they’ll be OK (see below for info).

They are suggesting I’ll need a separate speed & cadence sensor or a separate power meter. That can’t be right, can it? On the Elite website, they say they are compatible with Zwift, so I wouldn’t expect to have to buy a power meter as well?

Any help / thoughts appreciated!

Hi James,

Yes, you will need a speed and cadence sensor or a power meter. Since it’s not officially supported on the Zwift side, there’s not a lot we can do to help with troubleshooting. We recommend the list of trainers and hardware on our website.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

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Thanks for the quick response. Just looking at the Elite website, it says
the Nero is interactive and can be controlled by software - it has FE-C and
outputs power info. It lists Zwift as being software compatible.

But from your note, it sounds like I’ll need a separate speed and cadence
sensor, or a power meter?


Hi James,

Thank you for contacting Zwift Support.

I’m happy to help get you Zwifting! While your Elite Nero Smart Trainer is not supported by Zwift, you still can use it to Zwift! You will need both a speed and cadence sensor or a power meter. Using unlisted rollers won’t give you the most accurate or best Zwift experience, but you can still get that ride in!

We understand it can be confusing with all these pieces of equipment, so we made a “Getting Started” guide that’s available in the article “What do I need to start Riding in Zwift?​​​”

Additionally, we have a video​ that explains how to get your various pieces of equipment set up properly.

Finally, make sure your computer meets our minimum requirements​​​.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Ride On!


Do you support the Elite Nero smart rollers?:


I’ve looked on your supported trainer website, but can’t see them listed.


Many thanks

Hey James,

The new Elite Nero will work with Zwift. Check out this GCN youtube video when you get a chance. They link up the new Nero rollers with Zwift.

There may have been some miscommunication with our support team about the type of rollers being used and were unaware of the capabilities between the Nero and Zwift. I’ll reach back out to the team to make sure we’re all on par with the capabilities.

Fantastic - thanks Mike

Really looking forward to getting stuck into Zwift!

I can only tell you, go for it. Nero is real game changer with Zwift. Now my Neo works as a bike stand…


I’ve been following Zwift for ages, but love being on rollers and just thought I’d miss out on the immersion side of things, so stuck with Netflix.

But with interactive smart rollers - this looks like the perfect set up for me

Sounds like you’ve found this too :grinning: