Elite Nero smart rollers

Want to switch over from a tacx vortex to the Elite Nero interactive rollers using Appletv 4k. Been using appletv with the vortex successfully for a while. I see the Nero supports bluetooth, so expect a seamless transition. Anybody using these yet?..relatively new on the market. Based on the specs should be ok, right zwift support? Thanks.

Hi Colin,

I can’t answer your question about a “seamless transition”
although I don’t see any reason to think you should have a
problem with them.
I’ve used rollers on Zwift for over a year and really enjoyed them.
I’m using Elites E-motion rollers with a power meter and was
thinking of switching to the Nero’s. I’d be very interested in hearing
how you get on with them. The biggest problem with my roller setup
is that the 3 levels of resistance are manually adjusted. For normal
training and social rides I generally use the middle setting, for racing
I use the highest resistance setting. I have recently bought a smart
trainer as I thought I was missing out on the sprinting side of things,
but in reality, I wasn’t. (we live and learn… I think…)

Hope it goes well and if possible let us know how you get on with them.

All the best.
“Ride On”

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Thanks for the reply. I just mean to head off anything on the technical side that I may miss…but suspect I’m alright as appletv uses bluetooth. Yes, was thinking…ok getting up and sprinting on rollers a little dicey, but the freedom to have the bike move naturally is more important. Not a big sprinter here. Not much stock out there of these yet btw.

I’m using Nero rollers with Zwifton iPad and PC and everything during ride or race works OK.

Great. Thanks for the reply.

Hi Tadeusz

I’m thinking of buying Elite Nero, but concerned about the noise given three rollers are spinning. How do you find the noise level?

When used with slick tyres, noise is very low. Fans makes more noise, than rollers.

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Thanks. Very helpful advice indeed.

Hey. I am having issues setting the rollers up.

Rollers work fine Thro the elite app but although are recognised via swift as a power source and controllable but no power or speed data is transferred.

Any ideas?


The Elite Nero I own since August 2019. I use the Nero within Zwift on PC since October 2019. All worked properly.
On December I made a firmware update of the Nero with the Android app Upgrado. From this point in time the Nero does not work properly anymore: the measured power changes verry/too slowly an the ergo mode loop back control within the Nero also does not work.
==> DO NOT UPGRADE the the firmware of the Elite Nero!

What type of connection? Any other devices connected to Nero?

I recently bought a Nero and the power oscillates very slowly, it is as if it were the average power at 30s. Is there a way to get the instant power?

Is there any way to downgrade the firmware version?