Elite Nero rollers. - set up issue

Hey. I am having issues setting the elite Nero rollers up.

Rollers work fine Thro the elite app but although are recognised via swift as a power source and controllable but no power or speed data is transferred.

Any ideas?


What connection type? BTLE or ANT+? If BTLE, Device running Zwift must be the only one connected to Nero. I do not have any problems with Nero and Zwift.

The Elite Nero I own since August 2019. I use the Nero within Zwift on PC via built in Bloetooth of the MS Surface Pro 5 since October 2019. All worked properly.
On December I made a firmware update of the Nero with the Android app Upgrado. From this point in time the Nero does not work properly anymore: the measured power changes very/too slowly and the ergo mode loop back control within the Nero also does not work.
==> DO NOT UPGRADE the the firmware of the Elite Nero!

Before the firmware upgrade I was very happy. The power measurement quickly followed the effort and the ergo mode regulated the torque in regard to the cadence.
Now I am in contact with Elite to get the older firmware to downgrade… I hope that after the down grade the Nero will work all right as before.

I just found this out. I bought a Nero and one of the first things I did was to upgrade the firmware. I tried using it with Zwift and didn’t get much in the way of resistance changes, and that was while riding Innsbruck of all courses. I also could not get it to calibrate in the myEtraining app or in Rouvy. In the Etraining app it just says to “increase the speed” and no matter how fast I went, it never changed. In Rouvy, I tried several times and one time it only wanted me to hit 2mph! The other time, it asked me to hit 23mph. I did that and it never did anything but tell me to keep pedaling!
Is Elite providing you with the downgraded firmware?

I have the Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ rollers. When I first started out, they paired up (Ant+) fine and everything worked fine. However, in the middle of the third workout, the resistance completely dropped out in Zwift. I contacted Elite about it, and after following their suggestion and using the rollers with the Elite app, I found that it was Zwift that was causing the issue. Setting the “Controlable” in Zwift to “FE-C” regained the resistance settings. It is odd, since the FE-C is the setting for the Cadence, but it works so I’m rolling with it.

FE-C is the ANT+ profile for controllable trainers.

Still odd then, since the Cadence is also using that setting.

Yes I got the older firmware bot this had no affect to the power measurement behavior.
After the firmware downgrade I did not tried the spin down calibration.