I have an Elite Drivo, I broke my cadence sensor, I snapped the plug in pin. On Zwift now my avatar legs aren’t moving/turning which is distracting and annoying.  Is there away of syncing cadence without the sensor?  It works without the cadence sensor it just feels odd when my actual legs are turning but my avatars are still.  

So the question is do I need the elite drive cadence sensor?

Have you tried a garmin cadence sensor

Chose the Driveo power for as the cadence sensor.  I use my Driveo without a cadence sensor at all and it works fine.  The only thing I can think of is that the Driveo itself might see the broken off part of the plug as being a cadence sensor that isn’t moving.  You should try and get the broken off part out of the connector.

Same thing happened to me on my Elite Realaxiom ,just get a Bluetooth/ANT+ cadence sensor. 

or you can cut the wire and re solder a plug on it. 

(I did both) :slight_smile:


Hi Gerrie.

What plug did you solder onto your cadence/speed sensor? Mine snapped off too, but I don’t know what component to buy to replace it. I have the means to get a replacement reattached by a trained electrical specialist so no problem there.

Hope you can help - ride on!


Hi Andy, sorry for your misfortune.

If I remember correctly it was a  2.5mm male mono solder connector is typically used for single channel analog signals such as audio.

I will have to check if it was 2.5mm or 3.5mm. 3.5 is the size of a standard headphone plug, so you can see if it should be the same or smaller.


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Thanks Gerrie, you’re a star. My tech mate is looking at it tomorrow so Hope to have it working soon.

Hi Gerrie. I re-soldered a 2.5mm mono jack plug onto the sensor lead and all is fine once again. Thanks for your help.