Elite Drivo-Not longer connects as power source, still working for cadence and speed

I just picked up a Drivo, it worked fine the first time I tried Zwift, but now it is no longer recognized as a power source. The cadence and speed are fine.

It shows up in the Speed Sensor+Classic Trainer search, but the Drivo isn’t listed here.

Using an Android 6.0.1, Macbook pro/Sierra and Zwift Mobile Link


I do not have an ANT+ dongle.


Any ideas? 

Is your MBP new enough to use native Bluetooth (4.0) instead of connecting through the Mobile Link? If so, I’d recommend using that instead.

There’s currently an issue we’re investigating related to Android devices running the Mobile Link app and not connecting with certain smart trainers, so that could be what’s blocking you. If native Bluetooth isn’t an option for you, submit a ticket at bit.ly/zwiftsupport so we can get your logs and investigate.