Elite Drivo power incorrect over Bluetooth to Zwift in free ride (simulation) mode

I’ve a Elite Drivo already from a last year and all this time without exception - when connecting with Zwift on Mac OS X computer via Bluetooth Smart and doing freeride (or race, groupride etc.) I have very low resistance - especially on a 0% grade. Because of that I will spin out even at 50-11 gear and basically can’t achieve much more than little over 400 W, maybe little bit more on climbs. So sprinting in races is basically impossible. Curiously, this problem with Zwift Bluetooth connection doesn’t show up in Zwift workout ERG mode. I can do workout intervals at high power in ERG mode just fine using Bluetooth connection.

At the same time my Drivo works perfectly fine in Zwift via ANT+FE-C in both simulation and ERG mode. Also my Drivo works perfectly fine in the Elite app via Bluetooth Smart slope and ERG modes.  And my Drivo works perfectly fine in Trainerroad  via Bluetooth Smart.

Hopefully Zwift finally fixes this old and extremely annoying  bug as the Bluetooth connection is definitely preferable indoors over Ant+FE-C. With Bluetooth the connection with computer is much more reliable (and works with iPad, iPhone) and trainer reacts to changing gradients much better than with Ant+FE-C. This is probably due to Bluetooth better error correction algorithms and much higher refresh rates than Ant+FE-C 1Hz signal.

For now one has to resort to Ant+FE-C for races and sprint training and Bluetooth for ERG workouts.


I’m glad you submitted this. The more people who complain about the same thing might encourage Zwift into looking at this issue. You did a lot more testing than I did (I haven’t tried doing a workout nor have I tried trainerroad) but this just further supports my thoughts that it’s a programming issue for Zwift and not a firmware issue for the Drivo (and Elite trainers overall).

We are aware of Elite trainer issues and starting with our next update (hopefully) most of these issues will be taken care of. After the next official Zwift game update, try out your Elite devices and see if you are still experiencing the extreme of these power and resistance discrepancies. Feel free to send us a support ticket if so and we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of the issue. :slight_smile: Thanks for writing in! 

This update a couple of days ago made no difference to how my Drivo behaves. Still very low resistance.

Unfortunately, I can confirm, that the latest update did not fix this bug. My Drivo still has the same  Bluetooth Smart power problem as described above.

Yeah if anyone is still experiencing issues, please send us a support ticket with the device you’re using to run Zwift, the trainer you’re using, how you’re pairing (Native BLE or Zwift Companion BLE) and where exactly in Zwift they are feeling the resistance issues. Thank you! 

Exactly same problem with my Elite Drivo. Even on 50/11 I cant produce more than apx. 500 watts, which is ridiculous. It was not always like that, it started in July I guess.