ERG Workout delay - Elite Drivo II / ANT+ / PC


(Patricio Munari) #1


I’ve been trying to do some workouts in the last couple days using ERG mode but I have been experiencing some issues. I’m using a Drivo II trainer with Zwift PC (last version) connected through ANT+, although I’ve tried changing it to using Bluetooth/ Swift Companion the problems where the same and even more accentuated.

  1. The resistance arrives quite late, maybe 30 seconds later and that’s super annoying when doing intervals. Using other apps this does not happen but only with Zwift.

  2. If doing a long interval, where the delay does not matter that much, if I keep the suggested cadence as steady as possible, the power seems to be down continuously by 15 watts which makes it as annoying as the previous issue.

Tried taking a look at the settings to see if there’s any way to adjust this but seems it’s not possible.
The “Trainer Difficulty” setting has no effect when on workouts even set at MAX.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this issue?

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #2

I’ve owned an Elite Direto for almost a year now, and I too suffer from the ERG delay in workouts, which effects short interval sprints. I either have to anticipate and ramp up early, or just do my best and fail the interval.

On the old Zwift support site there was a thread about this, and people mentioned that it was an Elite issue, not Zwift, as Zwift just sends the required power requirement to the trainer, but the trainer is doing some power smoothing and hence the delay reaching this power requirement. Search the Elite forums where some have suggested changing the smoothing value from the Elite app. I haven’t tried it, as I free ride most of the time.

(Patricio Munari) #3

Thanks Steven, I took a look at Elite forum and seems other people are having the same issue.

(Vincent W.) #4

Aside from checking on the Elite side, we do have an ANT + troubleshooting guide as well:

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #5

I have the exact same issue using and testing the Elite Drivo 2. When in ERG mode the trainer is not working quite well. I have some video’s available to show the issues.

(Patricio Munari) #6

Bastiaan, you should check this thread in Elite forum:
seems a well known issue which Elite is playing dumb. Also some people complaining about the same in TR forum.
I’ve done several tests, even with Elite’s own software and the only issue is with ERG.
For example, using Zwift, the gradient change is immediate while free riding. Same thing using the myEtraining app and manually setting a power, if you change from 100W to 300W it takes 2 seconds, when doing workouts in ERG it takes on avg. 12sec. I did a test requested by Elite where it’s clearly visible the delay.
It’s the way the Drivo II is programmed in ERG, at this point I’m not expecting much from Elite. They’ve been promising firmware upgrades for the Drivo I since more than a year, people are still waiting, so I seriously doubt it will be solved anytime soon. Best solution, sell it to a bad friend and get a Wahoo. Tried a Kickr core with my same equipment, same location and in ERG it was spotless.
Also, just to make sure it wasn’t an ANT+ connectivity issue, I’ve checked the logs in Zwiftalizer and the connection was always perfect, so it’s not a problem of interference but just terrible programming skills from Elite.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #7

Thanks Patricio, read the topic yesterday and saw the same troubles.

I am testing and reviewing the unit for a cyclingblog. Wanted to know if others had issues as well. Got that answered pretty quickly :wink: