Elite drivo responsiveness

I am having issues with my elite drivo that is under 3 months old. (Drivo 1)

I am connected to zwift using laptop ant+ and when in Zwift ERG training mode and doing training sessions that require for large ramps up in wattage (300w increase in wringer session) the turbo can take up to 15 seconds to apply the wattage and when it does it sometimes over applies the wattage.

This is is very frustrating given that the ramp ups in power on zwift only last 30 seconds so I’m missing 50% of my training assuming the turbo engages at all.

Please can you help me.

This is a long-standing issue with Zwift and Elite trainers (Direto and Drivo). Search through the forums for “Direto ERG” or “Drivo ERG” or “Elite ERG” and you will see people complaining for a long time (eg: ERG Workout Delay )

There are also many people complaining on the Elite forums, stating this is just a Zwift thing, as it work better on other platforms