Drivo and workouts

(Jack Kitley) #1


My Elite Drivo and Zwift played up again last night during a workout. Its seems that after a long rest it almost like the trainer goes to sleep. 

You will see that in my last five sets i went through to do the 3rd and the trainer would not release the resistance and settle on 340W. It kept locked in and made it more difficult to pedal. Im not sure why it does this and would love to find out.

Any help would be great.





(Jack Kitley) #2

(Steven D) #3

Hi Jack,

If your wattage is getting stuck or you’re having problems with the resistance not responding as expected, you could be having ANT+ signal drops. The usual cause for ANT+ dropouts is because your signal is receiving interference. We’ve written a guide describing common potential interference sources so you can try and eliminate them.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.