Drivo and training

Hi All


Ive been doing workouts on my Drivo recently and ive noticed that when passing through to the next stage of the exercise (the colored banners) then sometimes the trainer doesnt let go of the resistance. It keeps it up making me having to push harder than im required to.

I have to eventually stop pedaling until it realizes that the wattage is too high and then it disables ERG and then i need to build up until it enables ERG again.

I have the Drivo connected to Zwift via ANT+ FE-C. I use the cadence that comes with the Drivo.

I also have my Garmin 510 connected to the trainer so i can see my wattage and stats and this is also how i get medical aid points.

My phone is also on sometimes and i watch my training on the phone and pick the routes i want to go.

Please check the attached where you can see on an interval it doesnt let go and spikes to 400W+. (3rd last beginning and last beginning)


The screenshot you posted doesn’t align with what you are describing, so I’m a little confused.

You say it’s not ‘letting go’ - which I took to mean when going from an interval of high resistance (power) to one that is lower, so you have to keep making more power than required? But the spikes you refer to in the screenshot are at the beginning of the higher intervals, not the end. 

Is it possible that you’re just increasing your cadence in anticipation of the green intervals, causing your power to spike and overshoot the target at the beginning as the trainer ramps up resistance - before it’s had time to adapt and settle in where it should be?    

Hi Jack,

We have an excellent article on our Zwift knowledge base, which discusses how to use ERG mode in Workouts. You may find it quite informative, and here’s another very good article for understanding ERG mode and how it works in Zwift.

It’s important to remember that when using ERG mode, make sure you stay in a neutral gear, don’t change gears, keep a steady cadence, and let the trainer do all the work for changing your resistance.

If you find that your trainer is locking up constantly, it’s possible that your FTP is too high. I might advise you to take an FTP test if you haven’t done one recently, or you can edit your FTP manually

You may also want to check and see if you can calibrate your smart trainer

Lastly, we also recommend that you please check and make sure to have the latest available firmware updates, which should be available on the My E-Training App for your Elite Drivo. 

 If after checking all those things, you’re still having problems during your workouts, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you.