Elite Drivo using Bluetooth on Apple TV, no resistance, spinning out on flats/sprints


I’ve got the same problem as everyone else who’s using an Elite Drivo on Apple TV. No resistance during sprints, flat sections. I only use Zwift for races and this is ruining my Zwift experience. The only reason I bought an Apple TV was for Zwift. There’s clearly an issue with Elite trainers on Zwift in simulation mode when using Bluetooth that is being ignored by both Zwift and Elite.

Can someone please sort this??


Hi. I too am using this setup, Drivo BLE to Apple TV.

I find that there is a lag when using ERG in training mode. Sometimes it’s not a problem but there are times I find if difficult to sit at the power without it fluctuating all over the place no matter how steady my cadence is. This in turn will effect my training, especially if I have to go from a high cadence to low. The resistance barely kicks in and I just spin out for a while at which point I’m gaining nothing. I know it’s not my Drivo as it never has this issue when using Elites own software packages. Anyone else experiencing this - on any setup?

@Michael_Sullivan and @Steve_Hislop, Are you guys pairing your trainers through the companion app? And if so, is it on an android device? I ask because I think there is a problem with the interface between Zwift on the Apple TV and the Companion app on Android devices. Although I don’t have a Drivo trainer (I have a Wahoo Kickr) I have had similar experiences when I paired my Kickr through the Android Companion app. Laggy and unstable resistance changes in ERG mode, and getting stuck in ERG mode after a workout when it should have switched back to sim mode.

I have had consistently good results when I pair the Kickr directly through the Apple TV.

I don’t use the companion app. Only as my WiFi comes via a broader network provider and thus my phone and turbo can’t see each other. I have used it connected through my phone’s 4G net but that makes zero difference. I personally don’t find the companion app useful. I pretty much start and don’t touch my phone, I’m not there to chat etc. Anyway, regardless of where the connection comes from the problem is the same with or without app.

Hey @Steve_Hislop @Michael_Sullivan you all are experiencing this through free ride correct? Is ERG mode completely useless for you all as well? Investigating.

Hi. Pretty much all my rides have been workouts less a few races where ERG doesn’t apply.

I had it the other night, had to go from a 90 cadence doing 180w down to 60 pushing same watts. I never in a whole minute got it to get me anywhere near the target. I even once had it struggle to get to 200w in a low cadence and when I looked down I was in my 12 tooth 2nd highest gear. But then I’ve also had to do the spin up from a low cadence to say 100 and it will go mental. Even being slow and taking a good few seconds to get there it over and under compensates like a yo-yo and by the time it’s settled down that particular segment of the training could be over so I don’t get the star or even half a star.

As an update to this. I did two rides last week both in the Build me up training programme.

The first #8 was actually a good ride. I was sat in the same gear the whole way through - middle of the cassette on my inner ring and the resistance changes for ERG were spot on. Each change in resistance was good and accurate. I then - without changing anything to the setup - did the Tine workout two days later. I had to abandon it and start again about 2 thirds of the way in due to the resistance and power fluctuating do wildly. The spin up and spin down were ridiculous. I don’t know what is causing this but it’s very frustrating.

Lately I’ve been doing a training plan using erg mode which has worked fine using Bluetooth and Apple TV.

However, I’ve gone back to racing and I still think there’s a problem in simulation mode. Most watts I’ve been able to hit without spinning out is 600w. I had high hopes for the last update but didn’t seem to solve the problem.

Any idea when this problem will be resolved?


I’ve had an Elite Direto for over a year. I use AppleTV 4K, and my iPhone running the companion App (both WIFI). No other devices installed. And I’ve never had any problems (knocking on wood as I type!)

Any updates on this issue? Mine is very little resistance on hills , even when set to 100%
I have a drivo which I’m regretting very fast!

I do connect Elite Drivo to bluetooth and apple tv?

Everything works just fine, until I do a sprint. I run out of gear and spin out at max about 450w. When connecting to a Mac and ant + this works as it should.
Apple TV is easier to use, but not because of the loss of power on the pedals.

Some solutions to the problem. Or are you still struggling with this problem?

Will there ever be a solution to this issue?

November 2020. I’m still having this problem with the drivo/Zwift/Apple TV 4K setup. Very frustrating.

I’ve got this issue too. No problem with erg mode or with ant+ but when I free ride or race with the apple TV 4th gen and my Elite Drivo, the trainer spins out on the flats in the 53/11 and maxes out at about 600 watts.

Any help out there?


Same problem here. Sim mode. Apple TV 4K. First-gen Drivo. I’m sick of spinning my legs all the time :frowning:

Hi, any update on this ? I have the same problem. Drivo 1 & atv ( latest).

All i can say is mine works. Has done for about 4 months. I assume it was a zwift apple tv software update. I have no issues with my direto now.