Issues with trainer/garmin/zwift

So I’ve been using my elite drivo 2 with its own plug in cadence sensor, connected to zwift through Bluetooth along with a garmin HRM via ant+. I recently broke the cadence sensor which plugs into the trainer so I brought a garmin cadence sensor.

Now when I connect the sensor and trainer to zwift it works as it should. I wear my forerunner watch and log the ride at the same time so o get training effect but I now don’t see any cadence through garmin, only through the zwift upload.

When I try to connect the sensor to the watch via ant+ or Bluetooth, it gets overridden by the trainer but as that now has no cadence sensor to transmit at the same time, it doesn’t show cadence through the garmin log.

Is there a simpler way of doing this? I seem to have lots of money’s worth of wquipment which is reluctant to work together and I end up with loads of different workout logs in strava and garmin connect because each one has different elements missing rather than one master file containing all my data.

Please help!

Try removing all FR sensors and make sure you have the right sensor connected.

Seems like the FR is trying to obtain cadence from the Elite, while Zwift is connected to the Garmin cadence sensor.

I might be missing something (I don’t bother using garmin connect for zwift) but can’t zwift record everything and then on save push that master file to garmin and strava?

Zwift is pushing everything to both platforms mentioned, provided you set it up correctly on all platforms. If Zwift screen shows cadence, that info should be present (however, @Dave_Hudson indicated using FR - and for the info it provides, such as training effect, one should use Garmin Connect)


… Which indicates (to me…) your FT is connected to the wrong cadence sensor.

My forerunner sees the trainer as speed/cadence which connects then kicks the cadence sensor off. Zwift record everything and sends to connect but I then don’t get training effect.

So, I log on forerunner at the same time, delete that from strava and keep both zwift and garmin data on connect. That way I get all data but across 2 entry’s.

Then on the garmin entry from zwift the cadence is the correct value on the graph but the numbers for max and average cadence are like it’s been doubled.

Your setting is not the simplest, but I would say the most appropriate given your requirements and equipment.

Having a non-working trainer cadence sensor requires that you switch to your external cadence sensor for that data.

I would remove the combined speed/cadence sensor form the FR’s sensor list (You mentioned the trainer’s cadence sensor broken… how would your trainer produce speed if it has no cadence data?) Zwift only requires cadence (external sensor)

You won’t have speed on Garmin Connect data produced by the FR.

Only thing that puzzles me is the double cadence issue… care to share a sample ride?

Zwift is connected to the external
Cadence sensor, HRM and trainer. It shows all
Date but with doubled cadence numbers but the physical graph is fine in garmin. Strava Gets all
Data and displays correctly.

I deleted the spd/cadence (trainer) from FR, re seeedhes and now have a peer sensor aswell
As sod/cadence listed in sesnsors along with the hrm and external cad sensor.

(http://Check out my virtual ride activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday)

[Check out my indoor cycling activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday](http://Check out my indoor cycling activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday)