Elite Drivo 2 problems after June 26 2020 update

hit major issues. Elite Drivo 2 pretty much just freewheels now and if I try and repair it the application just disappears. not a crash (well it is) but disappears. This occurred on MacOS and Windows 10. exact same behavior. Drivo was connected over Ant+, wouldn’t work on BT. in short, unusable now.

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Hi @F_rancesco_Roberto_V

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I split your question from its original thread so we sidebar and focus on this issue.

Please clarify what you mean when you say “thee application disappears.”

Are you saying that

  1. the game app is still running, but the window minimizes?
  2. that some other program grabs focus and puts itself on top of Zwift?

On the Windows laptop, I’d like to have you holding down the Alt key and Tab key simultaneously. A list of the apps running will show.

Is the Zwift game app one of the apps that’s on the list?
How about the Zwift launcher app? Is that also on the list?

Neither. The game is gone, no longer running and my workout is lost. This is a very hard crash


In that case, we’d like to have you send in the crash logs via email to support@zwift.com. Please see this support hub article for instructions.

Reference this forum discussion’s URL in the body of your email so as not to rewrite the conversation thus far. Thanks

I’ve had something similar if zwift pairs with the elite real trainer version not the FE-C version in the controllable trainer.

it doesn’t change resistance and when you try and go to the pairing screen the game just exits - doesn’t save it is as if the ride never happened.

this happens on windows 10 with my elite zumo

if it pairs via FE-C then it all works fine

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Same Issue ( I Believe) everything connects with the exception of the Controllable aspect meaning resistance is way to easy and does not change in accordance with my suggested resistance in workouts. Its infuriating! I look forward to a swift (excuse the pun!) resolution.

*my issue is on android - and an elite digital Smart B+