Zwift not connecting with drivo

Zwift just stop working, click on icon and it goes to the screen with ride on it. I click on ride and it closes. The drive isn’t showing a connection to the ant+. Was working last Friday now nothing

Hi Paul,

Zwift hasn’t had an update since then so perhaps it is related to the Drivo itself? Do you have any way of testing the ANT+ capabilities on the trainer?

The ant+ connects if I go on the real elite software

What happens when you try and click the pair button? Does it search endlessly?

It never gets to the pair screen, it’s the welcome/ride screen followed by ant+support then it closes itself down

Okay, that doesn’t sound like ANT+ issue - that sounds like a crash. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift?

Already tried that earlier and the results are the same

I’ve created a ticket for this post, Paul. We’ll look into it in greater detail there.