Elite Direto XR-T


I am having no resistance when Zwifting with my Elite Direto. This is what i have done so far, i read all the posts in the forum here and tried it, no luck.

set up: windows 10 pc with Ant+ dongle

already did:

  • kalibrate with e-training app from Direto, i get resistance there
  • when plugging power on i here magnets working
  • watts and cadance are fine
  • ant dongle and bike are 1 meter apart
  • delete zwift preference file and started again
  • deleted zwift app and reinstalled
  • first put on bike, then zwift and vice versa

Zwift works, Direto works but together…no resistance when climbing.

Please help

Hi @Maarten_Smits

Welcome to the forum.

Do you pair as Power source and Controllable.

Aslo you need to pair the ANT+ FE-c option.

Hi Gerrie,

Yes in pairing screen i pair controllable and powersource, both i choose FE-c.