El GIro de Rigo workout and ERG mode not working

I joined an El Giro de RIgo workout this morning and I’m sure most of the group were having issues with no workout nor EGO mode available, so basically just a free ride. This happened to me on another El Giro de Rigo ride earlier this week as well so I was anticipating a problem. Yesterday evening doing a ZA group workout everything worked perfectly, however, this morning it bugged out again. From those messaging in the group there was a mix of andriod, IOS and Macintosh users, so probably not restricted to one platform. I joined the spanish group and saw no workout so quickly left the group and rejoined the english speaking group but it too was not functioning. I’ve also noticed that my phone app (yes its up to date) was not connecting to the ride. Any help would be most appreciated.

OK this has happened three times, others in the group were ok (someone on erg mode confirmed they were seeing the workload, but other newbies had no idea). SO basically the El Giro de RIgo is a waste of time for me, but not necessarily everyone. The first time I did a GIro de RIgo it worked sweet, but then three strikes in a row !! Fail