Latest Update - All working now except erg mode

Only had time to very quickly test things following the latest update.

Had to uninstall and then reinstall as others had mentioned to get it to work.

Heart rate now pairs fine, trainer connects fine and resistance is adjusted for hills as expected.

New course looks great btw!

Only downside, erg mode still not working in workout mode.

I think it actually runs better on my phone/tablet than my PC!

I’ll be back on it for longer rides again from tomorrow so give me a shout if there is anything specific you want testing.

it also runs better on phone than PC, hoping they fix 3 things before switching it:

  1. ANT+ Support

  2. don`t disconnect when swapping app

  3. ERG mode

before that, training with PC and play a little with phone to help testing

Appreciate you helping with the testing Eduardo! Chris, which trainer are you using with the Beta? Collecting ERG mode issue cases. :slight_smile:

I have a tacx neo, it works fine on just ride mode but erg mode doesn’t keep to the watts

Thanks for the update Chris! I’ll forward this feedback over to our dev team. In the meantime we have an ERG guide that has a few troubleshooting steps in case ERG mode doesn’t seem to be working as intended. :)