El Giro de Rigo Clarity

Good Afternoon Zwift!

Super excited about the upcoming El Giro de Rigo! Had a couple questions.

  1. Is the Cannondale Evo Super Six Bike itself unlocked at mile 68 or only the EF paint job (I’m only at Level 17)?

  2. Are these prizes only for the particular day of the event or for " 3/1 & ends 3/31 at 11:59PM PDT."?



I think the 3/1 and 3/31 dates are errors that someone forgot to change from whatever boilerplate template they were using.

As for the other question, you just unlock the paint job, not the bike. You still have to buy the bike itself in the drop shop. I’m not sure what happens, though, if you unlock the paint job but are not at a level where you can ‘buy’ the bike. Will the paint job be there waiting when you are able to buy the bike, or will Zwift have forgotten that you earned it? Hmmmm.

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I haven’t ridden 68 miles in a day for a long time lol… but for the Super Six, I would’ve given it a go!

… I figured it was only for the Nov 3rd event day, but the fine print got confusing.

anyone got the paint job yet or is it still to come?
I have ridden 111 km in the Giro last sunday and the supersix evo in my garage.

Edit: Zwift support already told me they are working on it and it will come soon.