El Giro de Rigo Race results Issues

Did anyone else have issues with the race results on todays 2019 El Giro de Rigo today?
Im sure I was 127th or 128th but the companion app is showing me in position 349.
See the photo I reckon I finished the race in around the 3:54? I contacted the support team and sent in the FIT file. I wouldn’t normally bother, but this was an effort today!
See the attached pic with the details.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you happen to join the event late, or join straight from another activity? That is typically when I see results that look like this. Always best to join several minutes in advance, and as a fresh activity.

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Hi Nigel
I joined in about 10seconds late.
The whole time including cool down seems to be included in the race time. The guy I was sprinting with towards the finish ended up in 127th place.
Initially when I checked the results I was in 167th place, then every time I looked at the race results I went further down the field.
I did think it might have something to do with joining the event slightly late!
Thanks for the feedback


Yes, when I finished I was in 24th (accurate reflection from what I was seeing the entire race) but then the screen refreshed and showed me in 52nd and later in 300+…bummer…

I had a similar response from the results…I joined over an hour before the start.

That is probably due to people late joining.

Also in the Ride description:

Nope, but some participants may ride it like one. The El Giro de Rigo is a personal challenge against the distance. It’s all about riding as far as you want to go.

The riders that treated it like a race deserve a correct placing. If you work hard for almost 4hrs you want to know what position you came in at.
That’s the beauty of Zwift. It’s for all abilities!